• Steel Bridge

    Steel Bridge

  • Galleries Truss 18M

    Galleries Truss 18M

  • Unocal - Mahoni Platform4

    Unocal - Mahoni Platform4

  • Barito Suspension Bridge

    Barito Suspension Bridge

  • BPI Product

    BPI Product

  • Muara Bungo Bridge

    Muara Bungo Bridge

Bakrie Metal Industries

Welcome to Bakrie Metal Industries

PT Bakrie Metal Industries (BMI) was established as part of Bakrie & Brothers business transformation and designated as an operation holding for Bakrie & Brothers metal and heavy construction related business. We also inherit a long and distinguished history and experiences of Bakrie & Brothers in infrastructure business.

An extensive international client base, a strong domestic presence and an unquestioned commitment to quality, are trademark of the company’s commercial footprint. This has enabled success in the production of a broad mix including steel pipes and fabrications, work class engineering and construction services, corrugated steel, building material and cast iron products.

Throughout our history, we have continuously upgraded its production capacity and improved quality across all business units in order to conform to international standards and effectively compete in the global market.

  • CPO Tank

    CPO Tank

  • Water Treatment Tank

    Water Treatment Tank

  • Steelarch Bridge

    Steelarch Bridge


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