Solid Commitment


As a leading Steel Manufacturing, Fabrication and Construction Company in Indonesia, we are committed to advancement and success of our business lines. With an extensive international client base, a strong domestic presence and an unquestioned commitment to quality, we are confident. We will continue to be a major contributor to the national steel manufacturing industry and especially for our stakeholders.



World-Class Marketing

Our export-oriented marketing strategy has in recent years yielded results far exceeding the targets set by the Group. With buyers in several countries worldwide, it is clear that the marketing arm of Bakrie Metal Industries has succeeded in communicating a world-class level of quality and competence that is recognized by our overseas costumers. Our immediate aim is to achieve a balance that will stimulate further growth and hedge the Group against currency and market fluctuations.


Human Resources

We derive strength from the inspiration and dedication of our people and we are motivated by their drive and persistence. A rich multicultural background is what forms the foundation of our corporate culture; and our ability to continuously upgrade and periodically renew our management to a cooperative environment that encourages creativity and innovation. This is in turn is reflected in our superior products and services. Our dedicated employees work together in a team oriented environment that honors dynamism and personal initiatives. Furthermore, a clear and well-articulated productivity measurement system focused on self-assessment has created a workplace where a perpetual quest for
excellence is the rule rather than the exception.


Advanced Technology

Bakrie Metal Industries is a large consumer of modern technology. Each of our production facilities are equipped with state-of-art manufacturing equipment, computerized QC systems, and automated processes in compliance with international standards. In order to remain at the top of our respective industries-producing and delivering only the most
modern products and services, Bakrie Metal Industries is always looking to integrate technological developments that can serve to increase capacity, minimize production time, improve product quality thus creating added value.

  • Water Treatment Tank

    Water Treatment Tank

  • Steelarch Bridge

    Steelarch Bridge

  • CPO Tank

    CPO Tank


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